Teledermatology Virtual Visits

New and established patients can connect with us from the comfort and safety of home. Teledermatology is intended to address problem-focused issues such as checking a new spot or a rash, managing acne or rosacea, or refilling prescriptions. Teledermatology will not serve as a replacement for services that require in-person evaluation, such as a skin cancer screening. We can also help assess if there is an urgent dermatologic condition that warrants an in-office visit for prompt biopsy or treatment.

Getting Started

1. Schedule your appointment

Please call the office directly at 773-832-7443 to book your teledermatology appointment at a specific date and time with your selected provider. After scheduling your appointment, you will receive two emails from us. One will have a link to access your patient portal and the other will have a link to access your Telehealth session.If you are a new patient, you will also be asked to e-sign our Patient Responsibility Policy and our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Policy.

2. Access Your Patient Portal

Using the email you receive to access your patient portal or using the link below, you will need to log in to enter or update your health history and account information prior to your Telehealth appointment. If you have not completed this prior to your scheduled appointment time, we will need to reschedule.

* Note: If you login to your portal from a desktop computer that has a webcam (web browser Chrome v46 or newer; Mozilla Firefox v42 or newer), you can conduct your visit directly through the portal and skip step #3 below.

Login to Portal

3. Log into PocketPatient™ App

From the email you receive to access your Telehealth link, download and install the PocketPatient app accordingly (or if already downloaded, the link will directly connect you to the App in your device).Follow the instructions in your email to log in or create an account in the PatientPocket app. The Conrad Petersen Dermatology URL that you will need to enter is the time of your appointment, you will receive a pop-up notification through the app that it’s time to join your provider for the visit.

* Note, your visit will not appear in PocketPatient until the provider initiates the visit at your scheduled appointment time. Be assured the visit is scheduled and no further action is need. You will receive a pop-up notification from your provider when you can join the visit.


At this time, we are accepting teledermatology visits for patients with Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield. We are also offering self-pay visits for $75.

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